Green Span Profiles helps grocery distribution facility with major expansion

Posted by GSP Marketing on Dec 2, 2016 12:19:51 PM
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Green Span Profiles provided more than 100,000 square feet of MesaLine insulated metal panels Green Span Profiles provided more than 100,000 square feet of MesaLine insulated metal panels (IMPs) for this grocery store distribution center in Texas. IMPs, with a reflective Regal White color, were chosen to assist with climate control of the facility.

Waller, Texas, December 2, 2016 – When you visit a grocery store, you expect to find extremely fresh food and quality products. When a major Texas grocery distribution center expansion was planned to accommodate growing business, Green Span Profiles was chosen to supply the insulated metal panels for the new facility located in Houston.

“We attached the new refrigerated building to an existing refrigerated building,” says Dennis Bunting, program manager at GRIFFCO Design Build Inc., of Atlanta. “It had some complexities, but it all came together.”

The temperature-controlled expansion facility, one of the larger projects GRIFFCO has designed at 174,000 square feet, houses refrigerated perishables, including meat and poultry, produce and fruit ripening rooms. “There’s a 35- and 45-degree dock room, a 34-degree room a 45-degree room, a 55-degree room and a 32-degree meat and poultry room,” Bunting says.

The project was one of the first completed with Green Span Profiles products after the manufacturer received Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals for its cold-storage wall panels: MesaLine, VeeLine and ShadowLine. These approvals were a requirement for the Houston grocery distribution center expansion.

The 26-gauge Galvalume interior panel of the MesaLine insulated metal panels (IMPs) are durable and attractive The 26-gauge Galvalume interior panel of the MesaLine insulated metal panels (IMPs) are durable and attractive. The IMPs will help save on cooling costs throughout the year, but especially during the hot summer months.

Approximately 100,000 square feet of MesaLine insulated metal panels were installed as walls on the new facility, measuring 174,000 square feet to accommodate the growth of the grocery supplier. All Green Span panels installed on this project were four inches thick. Cold Storage Construction Services of Montgomery, Texas, a contractor specializing in low energy-loss refrigerated warehouses and workspaces, headed the installation, completed in May 2016. The MesaLine panel from Green Span Profiles was chosen for the project with 26-gauge Galvalume interior and exterior metal substrate, both in Regal White. The panels measured 42 inches wide.

“It was a pretty straight-forward job, nothing real sexy, but it looks great,” says Wade Hudson, president and project manager for Cold Storage Construction Services of Montgomery, Texas. “We’ve worked with Green Span before. They’re there when you need them and their products are top quality.”

Hudson says many of the insulated metal panels were 45 feet long, but his crews routinely work with larger panels. The family-owned operation has expertise ranging from meat and poultry processing plants to high-volume refrigerated warehousing. Cold Storage Construction Services designs and builds workspaces requiring low temperatures, such as petrochemical, aerospace, pharmaceutical and testing and material laboratories.

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174,000 square feet


Cold Storage Construction Services
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Green Span Profiles
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May 2016

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