Different Types of Patents in the Construction Industry

Posted by GSP Marketing on January 26, 2023

The construction industry is built upon the innovations of new building techniques, tools, and materials, and inventors can protect their intellectual property rights by filing for U.S. patents.

Most construction patents are utility patents, but some construction inventions can also be protected...

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IMPs Offer High-Performance and Design Choices for Roofing Solutions

Posted by GSP Marketing on November 3, 2022

Builders get the best of both worlds when using insulated metal panels (IMPs) for their roofing solutions as these standing-seam roof panels offer both high-performance and design choices.

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Insulated Metal Panels Can Provide Value on Low-Slope Roof Projects

Posted by GSP Marketing on December 21, 2020

While commercial building is projected to lag the red-hot residential market in 2021, there will be some bright spots with a growing demand for warehouses and data centers.“Warehouse construction will be the clear winner as e-commerce giants continue to build out their logistics infrastructure....

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8 Advantages of Using Insulated Metal Panel Roofs

Posted by GSP Marketing on February 20, 2020

Insulated metal panel roofs use industry-leading technology to deliver superior benefits for metal roofs. The interior tongue-and-groove joint, coupled with a factory-caulked batten, helps provide a double layer of weather-tight protection. This single-element construction is insulated at the...

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