Advantages of Retrofitting Your Existing Roof with Metal

Posted by GSP Marketing on January 26, 2022

Small commercial building owners and homeowners across the country are choosing the cost-effective and sustainable option of retrofitting their existing roofs with metal

Retrofitting (or re-roofing) a roof vs. total replacement is the process of installing a new roofing system over the existing...

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Topics: Insulated Metal Panels, Metal Roofing

The Future of Cold Storage

Posted by GSP Marketing on January 14, 2022

The future of cold storage has been reshaped the past two years by the COVID-19 pandemic and changing behaviors of consumers around the globe.

“One of the interesting trends brought about by the pandemic is the skyrocketing demand for cold storage warehouses,” writes Joanna R. Turpin in ACHR News.


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Topics: Cold Storage