8 Advantages of Using Insulated Metal Panel Roofs

Insulated metal panel roofs use industry-leading technology to deliver superior benefits for metal roofs. The interior tongue-and-groove joint, coupled with a factory-caulked batten, helps provide a double layer of weather-tight protection. This single-element construction is insulated at the factory so it's ready to go at the job site. Before each panel leaves the manufacturing plant, it's sealed at both the side laps and perimeter for durability. Insulated metal panel roofs like Ridgeline provide numerous advantages that simply cannot be found with other types of roofing materials. 

1. Flexibility in Design

RidgeLine offers unsurpassed flexibility in roof design. It can be used with most commercial and residential projects. In addition, there is an array of profiles, trims, finishes, accessories, colors and more that can be added to suit the needs of a particular project. 

2. Quick Build

Choosing an insulated metal panel roof means quicker build times. When compared to traditional roofing systems with their multi-part components, Ridgeline provides faster installation time onsite. 

3. Cost-Effective Pricing

Having a roof installed on a home or commercial building can be a significant investment for the home or business owner. Insulated metal panel roofs provide a cost-effective way to get the protection needed. 

4. Versatile Applications

For years, insulated metal panel roofs have been a popular choice for industrial and commercial applications. In recent times, residential projects have discovered its advantages as well. 

Able to be used in both retrofit and brand-new buildings, insulated metal panels can also be used for ceilings and exterior walls. Cold storage, warehouses, aircraft hangars, schools, manufacturing facilities and office buildings are just a few of the versatile applications that can use these roof panels. 

5. Durable Construction

Compared to other products that are assembled in the field, insulated metal panel roofs are lightweight and able to withstand adverse weather conditions. Multiple installation steps are eliminated because these panels are attached to the structure that supports it. 

6. Eco-Friendly Design and Installation

Insulated metal panel roofs are designed with recycled content. In addition, they can easily be reused because they are easy to disassemble and used once again on a building expansion or new project. 

This type of roofing is also more efficient in several ways. Its insulating core can help reduce the energy and air that's lost through the roof. Because they take less time and effort to install, the project is completed in a more timely and efficient manner. 

7. Attractive Profile

While a roof is, first and foremost, a protective element designed to keep the elements away from the interior of the building, insulated metal panel roofs provide a streamlined appearance. Decidedly architectural in design, insulated metal panel roofs elevate the appearance of the industrial, residential or commercial project. They distinguish it from the ordinary. 

8. Superb Safety Elements

Insulated metal panel roofs come out on top when compared to other products for fire ratings. This is an important element that can help save lives and property should the unexpected occur. 

With so many advantages of insulated metal panel roofs, it's no wonder that their popularity is increasing. Contact Green Span Profiles today to discuss how choosing RidgeLine's insulated standing-seam roof panels is best for your project!

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