Architectural Metal Panels - Colors, Styles and Textures Trending in 2020

This year is simply emanating radiance when it comes to the various colors, finishes and materials that are predicted to be highly trending for 2019-2020. What people are looking for today when it comes to insulated metal panels are three key factors: color options, the engineered environment and the emotion invoked subconsciously by the viewer. If you want your business to stand out in addition to being functional and efficient, here is what you need to know from industry design leaders about insulated metal panel trends this year.

The Engineering Environment is Essential

Consumers today are very conscientious about where and how their products are made. That being said, many buyers are putting this consideration as a top priority before the aesthetics of style, color and texture. Plain and simply, engineers want to work with products that combine the best of science and nature with products that might be sourced within the laboratory setting but not without sustainability in mind. Sustainability is in essence, the baseline for an ideal symbiotic design scheme, which is also why buying products manufactured in the USA is of growing importance to many industrial and residential application consumers.

Trending Design Styles and Patterns In Architectural Metal Applications

It seems that instead of flash, most residential, industrial and commercial exterior applications are leaning towards wave-line types of profiles that are micro-corrugated. This is likely because this type of style allows for a sleek, streamlined look while offering ideal sealing to prevent leaking water and heating and cooling.

Another hot trend is a heavy stucco embossment pattern that provides the appearance of concrete while simultaneously providing unsurpassable thermal efficiency. However, this isn’t the only hot embossment design that is getting noticed, as the sleek and uninterrupted look seems to be making a resurgence on the design scene. When using these styles, coloring becomes a make or break decision when considering aesthetics.

Trending Metal Siding Colors and Design Styles

Today's trends in insulated metal siding have grown to incorporate some new and innovative concepts and ideas. While finishes range from unvarnished, to highly tactile and even speculative, most buyers are sticking with more saturated hues. One of the most popular architectural concepts includes the use of dark gray, blacks and other neutral metal tones.

These are typically paired with wood, natural stones, or other painted metals to create a memorable contrast of hues. These warm tones are meant to meld with nature and utilize the ‘roughness’ of nature concept along with style to imitate nature and engineering melding together. However, clean and modern designs need not be limited by color options whatsoever, as custom colors can literally create anything one can fathom.

Concerning colors that are trending, brilliant reds and blues are gaining notice in addition to soothing greens and sun-drenched golden hues. These are rapidly becoming the top choice for primary colors, but are most popular when utilized for trim, doors, and other accenting adornments of the structure. That being said, gentle grays, off-white, khaki and other neutral colors continue to dominate as primary colors.

Looking for Trending Styles and Colors of Insulated Metal Materials?

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