Common IMP Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

Posted by , GSP Marketing on September 14, 2021
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Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are a highly valued part of modern construction practices. In terms of performance, flexibility, durability and the sheer number of possible uses, there’s nothing lacking with IMPs. But, just like any other specialized construction material, certain conditions must be considered and allowed for so that the full benefits of IMPs can be enjoyed. If you and your crew are working with IMPs, there are certain common pitfalls that are easily avoidable with a little planning.

Skipping Installation Instructions

Manufacturers of IMPs prepare very detailed product installation manuals for the use of installation and construction crews. Unfortunately, too often those instructions go unread. Even experienced installers should carefully review installation manuals for the specific type of insulated metal panels being installed. The reason is that preparation of the surface and other areas will vary depending on the type of IMP. Your crew may have used IMPs on hundreds of roofs, but when the IMP is being implemented as an exterior wall panel, for example, new installation guidelines apply. Always provide installation manuals to every relevant crew member and allow time for them to actually be read and understood. If you need additional manuals, you can readily download PDFs from our website.

Unnoticed Framing IssuesConstruction site with crane and building

IMPs are manufactured with straight lines. But the application surface may not be aligned properly. In fact, very few buildings are perfectly square. Framing issues and other structural conditions may lead to problems with fitting and/or insulation. The best way forward is to ensure that the first IMP is absolutely plum and square. After that, the next IMPs should fit nicely into place. Any lingering framing problems with the last panel may require on-site customization. Your IMP representative will help your crew resolve issues like this.

Materials Shortage

One of the most common issues with IMPs is not ordering enough to have on hand. Judgement errors like this can leave your project just short of the finish line, delaying completion on existing jobs and costing you future jobs while you wait on more supplies. Instead of risking a materials shortage, order extra IMPs, not “just enough.” If you end up with a small surplus, you can sell them to building owners to keep on hand as needed for replacements in the future.

Not Understanding the Differences Between Products

Yet another common pitfall with IMPs is not fully understanding the differences between the various products. It’s important to know the features of each type of IMP so that you can order the right type of IMP to best suit the application. This will ensure that the finished structure meets the local building code requirements. For instance, the WaveLine exterior wall IMP is ideal for exterior coverage, but for interior walls between working areas and garages, you’ll need a fire-rated panel such as the Insulrock. If you have any doubts or questions about which IMP you should order for your construction project, please feel free to contact Green Span Profiles for assistance from your sales representative.

At Green Span Profiles, we work hard so your crew can be as efficient as possible. Our IMPs make construction easier so you can get jobs done faster, with better results and more profit. Shop our product line to learn more.

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