Facility Expansion Project Completion

Posted by , GSP Marketing on November 6, 2020
GSP Marketing

We are proud to announce that our facility expansion project is now complete. We began the project early this year with one goal in mind: adding to our facility to better serve our customers. 

The expansion comes just as we are completing our ninth year of panel production. The larger area creates more finished goods storage. The new footprint creates a logistical horseshoe allowing for more efficient delivery of raw materials and a better workflow for loading, tarping and shipping our insulated panels. All of these updates to our facility allow us to increase our production while continuing to create the best quality panels in the industry. 

There are quite a few qualities that we pride ourselves in here at Green Span: Service, Quality, Reliability, Loyalty, Trust and Cost Effectiveness are the more obvious of those qualities. Others require a bit more explanation, but once you understand them you'll understand why this expansion project was so important to our business.

Green Span Profiles is a domestically held, privately owned and operated business. We have a single point of production - our facility, which is located in Waller, Texas. This is where the magic happens! Here we build the best, premier quality insulated panels utilizing state-of-the art equipment. Everything is done in-house at our facility: drafting, engineering, estimating, installer training, loading, tarping and shipping.

In today’s market, there appears to be little time devoted to establishing loyal, trustworthy, long-lasting business relationships. That is why we are committed to our personalized business approach — one that focuses on creating individualized experiences to meet all customer needs. At Green Span Profiles, nothing supersedes building a business founded in trust, integrity and respect.

It is because of our customers, because of our personalized business approach, and because of our commitment and dedication to making the best quality building products on the market, that we chose to expand our facility in order to increase and streamline our production to better serve our customers.

We'd like to thank our loyal customers. It is your continued support and business that has facilitated our growth and allowed the expansion to happen. We're not trying to be the biggest, we're striving to be the best - and with your help we're getting there!

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