Cold Storage IMP Basics

Cold storage panels provide a very tight containment of temperature in a freezer, refrigerator walk-in, or food processing area for cold and frozen foods. Everyone in the food business knows temperature is the enemy of food longevity. As soon as food begins to get warmer, the deterioration process sets in, starting first with bacteria. And once it becomes established, the food can become poisoned. Cold storage panels help facilities maximize the life of their food products in storage, processing and temporary placement. And quality cold storage panels can be installed either in new or retrofitted spaces without a great effort or construction investment. Whether it be for dry goods storage or controlled environments, cold storage panels are a necessity.

No other layer material really provides reliable insulation value that encompasses a surface so well, including the roof and walls. Once applied correctly, metal cold storage panels actually increase the R value of insulation as the overall room temperature drops further and further. And because metal cold storage panels can be quickly brought in and installed right onto existing room surfaces, turning a basic structure into a cold storage unit is extremely easy and simple to do. It’s also very inexpensive when compared to the outright building of one.

Quality metal cold storage panels are designed for durability as well. The metal surfacing generally makes their layer impermeable, which in turn contributes to the longevity of the surface. Even typical shuffling and dents aren’t an issue affecting the sealing of the insulation. The metal surfacing resists such pressures, and the metal trip closes the seal on all the panel edges.

Inside the metal panel a typical high grade foam layer is installed that creates the actual thickness to the panel and blocks air flow. The metal itself doesn’t trap the temperature; it simply provides a solid skin and the foam layer does the sealing work in the storage unit. A typical class 1 polyurethane foam is regularly used, which is generally acceptable in most jurisdictional building codes when it comes to cold storage installation. Ideally, good panel design will include a foam that is fire resistant. However, many jurisdictions will still require some kind of fire suppression system anyways to insure the fire risk is nullified completely. These ratings are confirmed through certifications and approvals.

Building approval of cold storage metal panels falls into multiple categories. These include:

  • FM Approved Class 1 Walls
  • FM Approved Class 1 Exterior Walls Rating 
  • Factory Mutual Roof Approval 
  • Florida Approval 
  • Dade County Approval 

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