5 Industries Who Utilize Cold Storage

Posted by GSP Marketing on Sep 17, 2019 11:00:00 AM
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Top 5 Industries Demanding Large-Scale Cold Storage

Here at Green Span Profiles, we specialize in insulated metal panel technologies. These technologies are manufactured with the needs of top industries in mind. Consider these primary industries where large-scale cold storage is a vital part of the supply chain. 

Grocery Stores

A grocery store depends on a distribution center, warehousing, and trucking fleets to manage the proper temperature for perishable items. Take HEB, for example, one of our top customers. We are able to help HEB manage the HEB Grocery Perishable Distribution Center with the large-scale refrigerated distribution. Of course, you also need to be able to maintain refrigerator and freezer sections within grocery stores including department stores. Green Span Profiles offers solutions on both ends as an all-inclusive provider of cold storage solutions.

Hospitals and Clinics

When you think of hospitals and clinics, large scale cold storage is often the last connection you make. However, in these settings, maintaining the proper temperature for patients and medication is vital. More importantly, cold storage is instrumental in helping to extend the lifespan of medications that are sensitive to temperature change. This saves medical communities money and reduces the amount of waste in resources.

Research Laboratories

Along with hospitals are scientific labs and research centers. Dealing with plasma, blood cells, organs, and tissue requires a precise climate-controlled setting. In order to manage such an environment requires a mammoth solution that extends beyond HVAC. In many instances, your laboratory tests require you to maintain a cold temperature setting for a long period of time. The use of a cold storage solution by Green Span Profiles will set your lab up for success. Avoid any temperature fluctuations that are detrimental to the quality of your lab samples, while ensuring the validity of your lab results.

Information Technology Centers

In information technology, computing equipment includes computer servers, internet access points, hardware, and software. Storing this equipment requires a set temperature to protect against humidity and overheating. Large scale cold storage maintains the perfect climate conditions for such operations. In addition, you are able to reduce moisture in the air thanks to a cold storage solution. This helps to avoid the degradation of your IT equipment and extends the life of your investment.

Transportation and Logistics

Freight that requires refrigeration or freezing must be kept at a specific temperature all along the supply chain. However, you need more than just a refrigerated trailer or reefer truck to handle the cold temperatures. Once your freight arrives to the customer for delivery, there needs to be a warehouse or distribution center that provides the exact temperature and climate setting to the set degree. 

In addition, you have to be able to account for any outside temperature fluctuations. Take Texas in the middle of the summertime when the mercury reading exceeds 100 degrees on the regular. You must have a way to maintain the exact temperature for cold freight storage. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing the cargo, which leaves you with costly cargo insurance claims. Protect your assets with the best cold storage solution you can find today.

Choose Cold Storage at Green Span Profiles

To get the ball rolling with your large-scale cold storage, let Green Span Profiles assist you. We supply our customers with cost-effective solutions with superior spanning and insulating properties. Our installation times are expedited to keep your operation running without delay. We have more than a century of experience handling everything from drafting and engineering to estimating and installer training. Start your quote today by calling 844-807-7400 to speak with a representative at Green Span Profiles.

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