Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are the Ultimate in Design Flexibility

Posted by , GSP Marketing on November 22, 2021
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Contemporary architects are increasingly finding that they can achieve the best of all worlds with insulated metal panels (IMPs) which can offer both functionality, flexibility, and flair to their design projects.

“Known for its exceptional aesthetics, envelope performance, spanning abilities, and one-step installation, IMPs are a popular choice for today’s commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities,” says the Metal Architecture Academy course from the Metal Construction Association

Aesthetically pleasing buildings with sleek façades are utilizing IMPs innovative panel profiles to achieve crowd-pleasing curb appeal without sacrificing performance.

“Breaking out beyond its traditional cold-storage applications, architects and building owners are taking advantage of IMPs’ growing architectural options, aesthetics, structural integrity, energy efficiency, lightweight, and low maintenance for a wide variety of projects ranging from corporate settings to sports facilities to educational buildings,” says the Metal Architecture Academy course from the Metal Construction Association.

Contemporary Architecture Embraces IMPs

Contemporary architecture combines modern style along with sustainable features and creativity.

To achieve sophisticated and innovative designs, contemporary architecture relies on cutting edge technology and contemporary materials such as IMPs, which are functional roof and exterior wall panels that feature steel skins that surround a highly insulating foam core.

“Chalk it up to modern, contemporary or post-contemporary aesthetics, but a significant portion of our architecture now is either substantially metal or heavily accented with metal,” wrote Paul Deffenbaugh in Metal Architecture.

IMPs offer options and choices to architects today they could not have imagined just a few short years ago.

“Today’s IMP manufacturers offer a growing palette of design options, including a wide range of flat and profile panels, color, texture, panel width, joint size options, and joint orientations. IMPs can also be curved and formed, and come in a variety of high-performance coatings,” says the Metal Architecture Academy course from the Metal Construction Association.

IMPs can offer the ultimate in design flexibility.

"Metal as a cladding product is definitely on the rise," Sebastian Schmaling, AIA, LEED AP, a partner in the Milwaukee-based firm Johnsen Schmaling Architects, told Metal Architecture. "Both for interior and exterior applications, I think the biggest driver of the rise of metal is its versatility and the ease to custom fabricate it. Unlike any other material, metal can be folded, stamped, perforated, etched and coated in almost unlimited ways."

IMPs Design Flexibility Make Them Good for Any Project

IMPs offer so many advantages as they are energy efficient, lightweight, cost-effective, sustainable, easy-to-ship and assemble. Adding design flexibility to that equation makes IMPs good for any project from construction to industrial to architectural to residential.

IMPs work well with several types of substrates such as aluminum coated steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum on its own.

This type of versatility makes the use of IMPs a top choice, and the fact that they are easy to maintain makes them more appealing for construction applications.

Another benefit to designing with IMPs is that they can incorporate a variety of horizontal and vertical shapes, sizes and finishes into architectural design.

Factoring into IMPs flexibility include:

  • Wide range of colors including standard and custom
  • Wide array of textures including embossed and striated
  • Walls can also be ribbed, fluted, or planked while flat walls
  • Curves and other formations can be used
  • Corner panel shapes and end folds can be designed
  • Joint reveal widths, heavier gauge flat facings, and high-performance coatings are all options

In addition to wall and roof panels, IMPs can include integrated windows, louvers, column covers, sunshade, and sunscreens.

“An ideal solution for a growing variety of building types, IMPs are a win-win, combining aesthetics, energy efficiencies, and a full building enclosure solution,” says the Metal Architecture Academy course from the Metal Construction Association.

Green Span Profiles Offers Diverse IMP Options

Green Span Profiles offers architects and building designers a diverse line of eight different insulated metal wall panel profiles available in different thicknesses, steel gauges and panel width.

Architectural offerings include:

  • Impression: A flat panel that utilizes Heavy Stucco Embossment which helps give it the illusion of tilt-up concrete while offering thermal efficiency.
  • WaveLine: The face of this panel profile is micro-corrugated which offers architects a sleek and distinctive look.

Contact Green Span Profiles today to see how we can help you incorporate the flexibility of IMPs into your next design project.

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