Patent Pending Wall Reinforcement Plate is a Game Changer

Green Span bolsters their Factory Mutual Approvals with a patent pending wall reinforcement plate that eliminates back-fastening.

Installing insulated metal panels - whether it's for a roof or a wall - requires the right tools. Arguably the most important tools are "fasteners", because they help improve durability and performance by securing the panel to the structure.

Wall panels are typically only attached from the front side. In high wind load applications, back-fastening is often required to give the panels additional load resistance.

To use a more relatable example, think of the shingles on your house. The workers nail the shingles to your roof from the top side. Now, imagine if they had to additionally attach your shingles from the back-side of your roof. They would have to climb inside your attic and drill a hole through your plywood to install an attachment from the backside.

The same holds true for back-fastening insulated metal panels; the workers have to go inside the building, drill a hole through the wall support and install an expensive back-fastener.

If you can eliminate back-fastening, you eliminate a tremendous amount of time, labor and material expense.

Green Span Profiles' patent pending wall reinforcement plate (BAC clips) eliminates back-fastening, which we believe not only saves time and money, but it allows the panels to better perform as intended.

Here is a MesaLine wall panel utilizing the BAC-08 reinforcement plate (8” long):


Here is a MesaLine wall panel utilizing the BAC-12 reinforcement plate (12” long):


Insulated metal panels are designed to move/flex with varying temperature differentials, but back-fasteners impede that ability by locking the panels into place and therefore limiting their ability to flex.

It is also our belief that back-fasteners unnecessarily concentrate stress at the attachment point which can compromise the foam to metal interface.

Our patent pending reinforcement plates (BAC clips) are currently available and already in use. For more information, visit our website or contact us to speak with a Green Span Profiles representative.


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