The Benefits of Manufacturing in the USA

The old adage, ‘build local, buy local’ seems like a distant memory, but companies such as Green Span Profiles is continually doing its part to keep that dream very much alive and well. As a leading manufacturer of insulated metal panels (IMP), Green Span is proud to be a privately operated and domestically owned company right here in the good old USA. Here are few benefits of manufacturing in the USA for both consumers and the environment.

Building and Buying American Stimulates the Economy

Producing and buying American made goods helps contribute to taxpayer-financed projects, which further preserves millions of jobs for American workers. When manufacturing work is sourced by overseas providers and companies, we are essentially migrating jobs along with it and investing in other country’s futures rather than our own. Plain and simple, you promote the countries independence and help reduce national debt by choosing items made in the USA.

Local Manufacturing is Better for the Environment

Similar to the concept of shopping at the farmer’s market or local craft fairs, buying things that have not required a long shipping term on a slow boat from across the globe reduces the environmental impacts of consumerism. We all know that taking care of the planet is in our best interest, as resources are limited. Keeping your shopping dollars at home and supporting USA manufactured goods benefits Mother Earth as less fossil fuels are burned during transporting these goods from afar.

Made in the USA Means Quality Control Standards Exist

When items are made outside of the USA, there may or may not be any type of quality control or inspection processes required to import the goods into the country. Unfortunately, our government has no control whatsoever of foreign government’s labor standards—or lack thereof. This means that there is no guarantee that workers have access to fair working conditions or wages like we do in America.

Furthermore, there’s little to no guarantee of the quality of these imported goods, as many foreign countries don’t have rigorous testing standards like North America. Here, institutions such as Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual instill and regulate protocols concerning quality control and testing requirements. Not only do our IMP products pass these rigorous standards, they exceed protocols and are further tested every day by our valued customers.

Buying in the USA Promotes Greater Accountability

Accountability on behalf of both manufacturers and consumers is boosted when domestic products are prioritized on the marketplace. There are thousands of choices—many of them cheaper—but it’s important to remember that cheap also infers a good chance of creating or buying subpar products. When folks buy American, they know where their goods are being made and can have greater confidence in their quality as well as the companies that produce and manufacture them.

When manufacturers feel held accountable, they spend extra time and effort establishing consumer’s trust and focus on establishing long-term relationships rather than one-time patrons. That’s what makes us stand out here at Green Span Profiles, as we take time to exhibit devotion to creating lasting business relationships with every client based on respect and integrity.

Let Green Span Be Your USA Manufacturer for IMP Products

If you’re looking for a company who makes the highest quality insulated panels in the nation, look no further than Green Span Profiles. Contact Green Span Profiles online, or call 844-807-7400 to learn more about our products and services that are proudly made right here in the USA.


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