The Importance of Cleaning Metal Panels

The popularity of using metal panels for roofing, walls and other architectural features on homes, commercial buildings and industrial plants has grown over the years. These panels come with an insulated foam core and a metal facing that are easy to maintain, fast to install and durable. They come with a range of coatings to provide an aesthetically pleasing surface as well as offering protection from outdoor elements.

As months and years pass by, dirt and grime can accumulate on the metal panels. Performing a regular cleaning is highly important to maintain the longevity of these materials.

Should Metal Panels Be Cleaned?

Yes. Like all building materials exposed to outdoor and indoor dust, dirt and grime, the panels should be cleaned to remove these particles. When dirt and grime is left on the panel, they can leave set-in stains that cannot be removed. Since the metal panels are composite materials, the surface would need to be re-coated to remove the stains.

Red kitchen mop being used to clean a floor surfaceIn addition, mold, mildew and bacteria left on the panels can begin to deteriorate the surface coating. When this happens, the moisture and mildew can then get inside the metal panel and cause rot. In time, the structural integrity becomes compromised as the panel will need to be replaced sooner.

Benefits of Cleaning Metal Panels

There are many benefits to cleaning metal panels. Some of the advantages include:

Surface Protection: Protecting the surface of the panel is vital to prevent deterioration and degradation. Removing contaminants that can cause corrosion will ensure that the panels will maintain their strength and durability.

Prevents Staining: Keeping the appearance of the building looking great is important for both commercial and industrial businesses. Stains along with algae growth can also cause degradation of the panels. In addition, you may have operations that provide products or services to the public. Having a well-maintained interior and exterior that is aesthetically pleasing can draw in customers.

Longevity: The main advantage of metal panels is their longevity. When properly maintained, these materials can last for decades. Poorly maintained panels would require replacement sooner.

Energy Savings: Metal panels are designed to expel heat during the summer and keep in warm temperatures during the winter. However, a dirty panel can cause the indoor heat to build up. This problem results in using air conditioning and other cooling systems more often, which could result in increased energy usage and costs. By cleaning the panels, the heat can be expelled efficiently.

Cleaning Schedule for Metal Panels

Always check the manufacturer's instructions regarding the cleaning schedule, the types of cleaning solutions that can be applied to the specific panel, and who should perform the cleaning. Typically, you will want to clean the panels at least on a yearly basis during normal business activities. If the panels are in an environment that creates a lot of dust, dirt, grime, chemicals or other contaminants, then the cleaning may have to be done more often. Deep cleaning of panels can be accomplished every 3 years to 5 years.

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